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Course Information​​

The class will be conducted over Six (6) evenings consisting of twenty-five hours of in-class instruction. If a student misses a class, they must make up the class. The student must pass the class with an 80% average.  If there is any type of learning disability please inform us in the comments area.


     ONLINE CLASSROOM LEARNING IS NOW AVAILABLE from  ED BROWN DRIVING SCHOOL in association with ( Please register online at or text Ed @ 902-318-5129 The in-class theory (25 hrs) is now online, work at your own pace from anywhere, anytime.


This instruction is offered through an interactive web-based application. This allows students to complete their in-class education at any time without the need for a classroom setting or an instructor. STUDENT must pass the ONLINE class with a 70% average

No start dates, you start when you want, finish on your time (1 year to complete).

Each night we cover a chapter.  A certificate will be issued when the course is COMPLETED, to graduate from the GLS and for an Insurance discount. Make sure you keep the certificate for future use; there will be a replacement cost of $40.00.

There will be ten hours of in-vehicle instruction. The lessons will be in and around the town of Antigonish. When the student receives their learners license they must call us to schedule their lessons. There could be a 3-4 week waiting time.

The students must wait nine months before they can go for their road test. We do half of their lessons when they get their learners permit and the other half just before they go for their road test. This will give them nine months to practice. There are some parents who believe practice is not their responsibility and that the lessons the student receives from us are all that should be required. The lessons from us are enough to show the student what to do and how to drive safely. It gives them the knowledge but not the experience. They must get practice on their own or you can pay for extra lessons. 

Some students need more practice than others; If you believe that practice is not your responsibility please make that decision before the student goes any further in the course. If a student doesn't show up for an in-car lesson they will be asked to pay for the instructor's time $40.00. Please give 24 hours' notice.

Certificate or Road test will not be given unless payment is received in full.

In Car
  • Lessons are offered in a secure and cooperative environment.

  • Outside circle check walk around vehicle, check under hood & check all fluid levels, check tire presser. Review controls inside vehicle, headlight, wipers, 4 way flashers, signal lights, horn, parking brake, etc. lock doors, Adjust seat, and Adjust mirrors. Explain Seatbelts and who is responsible.

  • Explain hand signals

  • Collision free! Approach to Driving

  • Emergency Off road recovery

  • Stall engine recovery, Power steering & Power brakes recovery.

  • Emergency Braking and Swerving

  • Head-on Collision Avoidance

  • Rear Crash Avoidance

  • Highway Driving

  • Auto$mart Linking fuel efficiency and safe driving

  • Risk Perception teaches to recognize high-risk situations and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

  • We offer flexible appointment times to suit busy schedules.

  • Students may be picked up at home / work or school and returned after each lesson. (On individual basis)

  • Each student receives 10 hours "behind the wheel in 1-hour sessions.

  • A beginners license must be obtained through Access Nova Scotia prior to in-car instruction.

  • Students must attain 80% achievement on the In-car program.

  • There is a cancellation charge of $40.00 if notice is not given 24 hrs. before a scheduled appointment. Extra lessons can be arranged.  ROAD TEST MUST BE BOOKED BY THE DRIVING SCHOOL to assure the student a vehicle & instructor is available for your test

  • Students may not take their road test unless a minimum of 9 months has passed from the date of issue of the beginners license. All classroom sessions and all in car lessons must be completed.

  • The Road Test is part of our Program; we supply a vehicle & instructor to assist the student.

In Class
  • In-class presentation on Driver Attitude, the Law, and Impaired Driving

  • Collision Avoidance, Vehicle insurance laws

  • Canadas Safety Council's Defensive Driving

  • Survival Tactics and Emergency Procedures in adverse condition

  • Continual Evaluation of student progress

  • A minimum of 25 classroom hours is offered in (6) Six sessions per month.

  • Classes can be taken over several months.

  • To earn a certificate, 100% attendance is required and 80% achievement must be attained on tests and assignments.

  • ONLINE CLASSROOM 100% completion of all modules is required and 70% average 

  • Transportation to and from the in-class portion of the program is the responsibility of each student



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