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Effective September 2021

The complete Drivers Ed program is priced at $895.00, tax included. This comprehensive package covers 25 hours of in-classroom instruction or 25 hours of online theory sessions, and 10 hours of practical, in-car training. Additionally, students will have access to our vehicle for their road test.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a certificate enabling them to exit the Graduate Driver License system. Moreover, this certificate qualifies for a reduction in insurance premiums; invest in your driving skills and future safety with our all-inclusive Drivers Ed program.

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Payment Options
Payment Options
Private In Car Lessons
  • Option 1: Payment in full of $895.00

  • Option 2: 1 payment of $450.00 + 1 payment of $450.00

  • Option 3: 1 payment of $300.00 + 2 payments of $300.00

  • Option 4: 1 payment of $225.00 + 3 payments of $225.00

  • Option 5: 1 payment of $100.00 + 8 payments of $100.00


A payment of $225 is required to activate the 25-hour online.

A payment of $145 is required to activate the 6-hour online.

A Payment of $450 is due before driving lessons start; the balance is due before the road test appointment is booked.

6 Hours Defensive Driving Course

   We require payment in advance to secure your booking. You can conveniently complete the transaction by E-transfer to ( or by Credit Card through our processing partner, Square Canada.

   Road Test Preparation Class 5-Road Test Preparation $300.00 Tax included.

This includes 3 in-car sessions in which we will evaluate your readiness for the Class 5-Road Test. You will also use our vehicle for your road test. We will provide a half-hour instruction lesson before testing. To ensure the availability of both a car and an instructor, it is essential that you book the test through our driving school.

   International students with limited or no driving experience in Canada are required to complete the full driver's education course. This comprehensive program comprises 25 hours of in-person or online instruction and 10 in-car lessons. The cost is $895, tax included.


  • Enroll in our 6-Hour Online Defensive Driving Course (DDC) today to restore points or remove the N designation from your license.

  • Register now and begin your course immediately. However, before accessing the 6-hour online program, the course fee of $145 must be paid. By E-transfer to ( or a Credit Card. Our processing partner is Square Canada.

  • Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate. The total cost, including tax, is $145.00.

  • This online interactive learning experience allows you to progress at your own pace without attending physical classes or engaging in Zoom meetings. You'll have a generous three-month period to complete the course. Once finished, we'll promptly issue you a certificate for Access NS. Start your journey to safer driving now!

Winter Driving In-Class Session
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