Effective September 2021

The cost of the full Drivers Ed program is $ 895.00 tax included. This includes 25-hours of in-classroom or 25-hours of ONLINE theory and 10-hours in the car. Students will also use our vehicle for their road test. Students will receive a certificate to exit the Graduate Driver License system; this certificate will also qualify you for a reduction on your insurance.

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Payment Options
Payment Options

Option 1:     Payment in full $895.00

Option 2:     1 payment 450.00   + 1 payment $450.00

Option 3:     1 payment $300.00 + 2 payments $300.00

Option 4:     1 payment $225.00 + 3 payments $225.00

Option 5:     1 payment $100.00 + 8 payments $100.00



Payment of $225.00 is due before the ONLINE course begins

 No payment is due until the student starts in-car lessons, at that time 1/2 payment ($450) is required, the balance is due before the road test.

6 Hours Defensive Driving Course
6 Hours Defensive Driving Course


Waiting on Access NS Approval

              ONLINE $145.00 tax included

                 For Points & to remove the N

This interactive program makes it easy to complete your 6-hr DDC at your own pace anywhere, anytime. 3-Mths to complete.

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Private In Car Lessons


   Private In-car lessons are $ 60.00 each tax included

     Road Test Preparation Class 5-Road Test Preparation $ 240.00 tax included

Includes 3 in-car lessons sessions in which we will evaluate your readiness for the Class 5-Road Test. We start by introducing (or reviewing) the hazard perception techniques required on the Class

5-test, followed by a simulated road test which is virtually identical to the Nova Scotia test. We'll use the results of this evaluation to determine which other skills you need help with and work on those. also includes the use of our vehicle for road test ½ hour instruction lesson will be given prior to testing. The test MUST be booked through the driving school.

 The use of a vehicle for the road test is $ 80.00     ½ hour instruction lesson will be given prior to the test. The test MUST be booked through the driving school.

Medical assessment (referral required from Doctor) includes both in car and interview  

$ NOT AVAILABLE at this time  

Winter Driving In-Class Session



  In-class sessions are designed to better prepare you for all types of winter driving. We cover controlled braking, ABS brakes, Skidding, Getting ready for winter weather. Preparing a winter driving kit, Winter tires, Question & Answer session.

Call for cost and availability. 

       Preregistration is required.


In-car winter lesson cost is  $ 60.00  tax included