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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be 16 to start Drivers Ed?

No, you can start the class closest to your 16th birthday.

How many classroom sessions are there?

Six classroom sessions. Tuesday\Thursday 5 pm Dr. J H Gillis School

Online is available, start right away, no Zoom, no class dates

Do I have to do the classroom sessions all in one session?

No, you can do the classroom over several sessions.

online you have one year to complete

How many driving lessons are there?

10 sessions. Plus you use our vehicle on your road test.

How much does the course cost?

$895.00 - tax is included.

Do I pay all at once?

No, you can pay in installments. Visit our pricing section of the website

New for 2020 no payment due until the student starts in-car lessons

Do you offer private in-car lessons?

yes $60.00 per lesson

Do you offer a defensive driving course?


         Yes, ONLINE ONLY Cost $145 tax included

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