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                               Important Notice: START YOUR ONLINE learning NOW

The next in-person class Starts January 4th, 2024, @ Dr. J H Gillis School at 5 pm​​​
  •                  January 2024 dates
  • Thursday January 4th, 2024     Chapters 1-2
  • Tuesday January 9th, 2024       Chapters 3-4
  • Thursday January 11th, 2024    Chapters 5-6
  • Tuesday January 16th, 2024     Chapters 7-8
  • Thursday January 18th, 2024    Chapters 9-10
  • Tuesday January 23rd, 2024     Last Class
In-class or online must be complete before we schedule in-car lessons
ONLINE learning IS NOW Available. Check online courses.
This interactive program makes it easy to complete your in-class theory (25 hrs.)
No classroom, No Zoom. Do it at your own pace, anywhere, anytime.
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